West's Hayward Dairy Cow Head PhotoWelcome to West’s Hayward Dairy!

Established in 1954, West’s Hayward Dairy is a landmark destination in the nostalgic town of Hayward, Wisconsin. Discover the good old fashion taste in West’s Premium Ice Cream that comes in multitude of flavors that is sure to bring a smile to your day. A trip to Hayward wouldn’t be complete unless you took a break to enjoy West’s homemade waffle cones, mouthwatering malts and shakes, custom coffee, espresso, latte, mocha, or take a half gallon of ice cream to go, from our cooler.

The West’s Hayward Dairy Difference…

At West’s Hayward Dairy, we take a simplistic approach to creating the best possible product. It all starts with using a Premium 14% Ice Cream mix that contains very few ingredients (cream, milk, real cane sugar, eggs, and an emulsifier). To this we add high quality flavorings, fruits, nuts, chocolates and variegates to create a frozen dessert that is smooth, creamy and simply delicious.