West's Hayward Dairy Ice Cream Flavors

Premium Home Made Ice Cream created on site

At West’s Hayward Dairy we typically offer 40 flavors of Home Made Ice Cream so you can expect to find your favorite flavors as well as a number of unique selections to try.   West’s Traditional flavors which can be found most every day include...

West's Dairy Cow

West’s Standards

Mint Chip
Cookie Crumble
Cookie Dough
Salted Caramel
Butter Pecan
Toffee Treat
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Pralines and Caramel
Maple Nut

West's Signature Scoop

West’s Signature Flavors

Almost Sinful
Chunky Musky
West’s Tracks
Coconut Magic Bar
Church Basement Lemon Bar
Wild Berry Crumble
Death By Chocolate
Double Nutter Peanut Butter
Raspberry Delight
Birch Forest

West's Kid's Favorite

West's Fruity & Kid Favorites

Blue Moon
Cotton Candy
Blue Cupcake
Raspberry Sunrise
Blueberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Black Raspberry
Black Cherry
Caramel Apple
Key Lime Pie
Fuzzy Wassa Mango

West's Dairy Roataing Flavors

Rotating Flavors

Rustic Road
Turtle Sundae
Cappuccino Chip
Mom’s Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Vanilla Bean
Toasted Almond Fudge
Mt. Everest
Raspberry Sorbet
Strawberry/Banana Sorbet
Amazon Treat
Chocolate Orange


An additional 40 flavors rotate seasonally to fill the remaining 24 spots, so we apologize in advance if your personal favorite does not happen to be in the cabinet when you happen to visit. Feel free to call the store in advance if there is a particular flavor you might be looking for.

Enjoing West's Hayward Dairy Ice Cream

The West’s Hayward Dairy Difference…

At West’s Hayward Dairy, we take a simplistic approach to creating the best possible product. It all starts with using a Premium 14% Ice Cream mix that contains very few ingredients (Cream, Milk, Real Cane Sugar, Eggs, and an emulsifier). To this we add high quality flavorings, fruits, nuts, chocolates and variegates to create a frozen dessert that is smooth, creamy and Simply delicious.